Happy Anniversary to G6 Moto on this fine day of the solar eclipse!!! Coincidence?? I think not. Thank you to everyone who has patronized G6, we’ve had a most wonderful time taking care of your rides and the comradery has been incredible! But we are closing shop at the end of May and moving to a new facility to only work on pre ’70 vintage bikes of British and American descent. I must say that I am extremely excited about the new phase and being able, Lord willing, to enjoy riding my bikes as often as working on others!!! From the first to the last, I’ve added some pics of my favorite builds over the years. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and made our time in business so very wonderful!!

Bike stuff in May!!

Sorry I’ve been kinda slack with keeping up the website, we have simply been crazy busy the past year or so… But here’s a couple of events we plan on attending and would like to invite everyone to join us!!

This is truly a wonderful time with all who love motorcycles of any type!!
Quite a few vintage bikes are usually on display here, they draw folks from DC and Baltimore areas along with PA and VA. Always a good show!!