Don’t call us, we’ll call you…


As of the beginning of May 2024, I am no longer working on bikes newer than 1970 with only a few rare exceptions. I’m truly sorry for those of you that have patronized my shop for the past eleven years, but I am getting swamped with old bikes to restore and rebuild and it’s what I love to do. I can direct you to a very competent guy who works on bikes in the evenings as a side job. I will still have my work number for about the next year and then it’s going away. I will answer your texts, emails and voicemails eventually. Thanks be to God for allowing me to enter semi-retirement of a sort.


Happy Anniversary to G6 Moto on this fine day of the solar eclipse!!! Coincidence?? I think not. Thank you to everyone who has patronized G6, we’ve had a most wonderful time taking care of your rides and the comradery has been incredible! But we are closing shop at the end of May and moving to a new facility to only work on pre ’70 vintage bikes of British and American descent. I must say that I am extremely excited about the new phase and being able, Lord willing, to enjoy riding my bikes as often as working on others!!! From the first to the last, I’ve added some pics of my favorite builds over the years. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and made our time in business so very wonderful!!