1985 Harley Davidson Rallye Bike

My friend Charlie Peet rode this bike through the TransAmazon Marathon Rally in 1988. I had a small part in helping him prep the bike. He was one of only twelve finishers that year. And he was no spring chicken!! That’s a BMW fuel tank that he modified to fit to meet the criteria for the event. And he blew out the front tire and cracked the rim at one point, a local welder TIG welded a piece of tubing to the inside of the rim to keep him going!! The stories he brought home were absolutely mesmerizing!!! Incredible stuff!! The bike now resides in Harley’s museum!!

It was South America where Jackson, Wyoming, native Charlie Peet entered himself and a modified 1985 Harley-Davidson FXRP motorcycle into the Trans Amazon Rally. The Rally went from Cartagena, Columbia, and finished at Buenos Aires, Argentina, covering 9,000 miles of some of the worlds most unforgiving terrain. Contestants could enter any vehicle. Only 12 contestants even finished the rally that year, and Peet and his Harley-Davidson motorcycle were among them. Peets motorcycle now resides in the Archives, dirt and all. (Taken from Harley’s website)

Take a moment to read this article about the event, if you wish…


Old Trucks and Tendons

We’re slowly getting up to speed in the new facility, but it’s been an uphill climb, so to speak. Just before we found our new location, I managed to rupture my left biceps tendon whilst repairing my old truck. Obviously, this has slowed me down a bit, but things are moving forward as we acclimate to the new place and location. Kinda wish we had moved several years ago, hindsight being twenty-twenty and all that. We can’t say thanks enough to all our friends who assisted in the move and who continue to patronize G6 Moto!! And by the Lord’s grace, we (meaning my arm post surgery) will be back to normal in another month or two.

Measuring the progress.