1969 Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 progress…

This bike has been through quite an incredible journey the last couple of decades, from H. Isabel in 2003 flooding it above the wheels to some questionable work done with the best of intentions that made for a beautiful bike that couldn’t be ridden. We’re slowly fixing and fettling it bit by bit and hope to have it complete before the summer rush begins. It could happen…

Royal Enfield saved the day when they re-introduced the Interceptor 650! The original cylinders were bored two sizes larger than the factory recommended by another shop years ago and caused the pistons to seize in less than a mile of easy riding because there simply wasn’t enough material to set the proper clearance. I searched in vain for replacements, but none were to be found until RE began reproducing them about two years ago!!!

Covid update

Karen and I have been exposed to the Covid 19 virus and will have to quarantine for a week or two. We will get back to work as soon as possible. We will be closed this upcoming week at least and will post when we can reopen for business.

To Christ be the Glory!!