1969 Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 progress…

This bike has been through quite an incredible journey the last couple of decades, from H. Isabel in 2003 flooding it above the wheels to some questionable work done with the best of intentions that made for a beautiful bike that couldn’t be ridden. We’re slowly fixing and fettling it bit by bit and hope to have it complete before the summer rush begins. It could happen…

Royal Enfield saved the day when they re-introduced the Interceptor 650! The original cylinders were bored two sizes larger than the factory recommended by another shop years ago and caused the pistons to seize in less than a mile of easy riding because there simply wasn’t enough material to set the proper clearance. I searched in vain for replacements, but none were to be found until RE began reproducing them about two years ago!!!

’73 Triumph T140V

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the constructor of this beautiful ride lacked the mechanical skill to make it run and ride like it should. We fixed some oil leaks, tuned the engine correctly and repaired a myriad of electrical issues to make this steed a joy to behold and operate!! It garnished a lot of attention whilst in the shop, it’s simple, clean lines, paint and parts that hearken to even earlier Trumpets made for many pleasant conversations!! And isn’t that what riding motorcycles of all vintages is all about?? The joyous wonder of the ride and the camaraderie amongst fellow enthusiasts?

Mr. Unsworth (is that not a proper British biker name?!?!) was thrilled with the finished product and gave us a glowing report on Twitter here! Here’s to many miles and smiles for him and his motorbike!!

1970 BSA Thunderbolt

We added a tachometer to this splendid Thunderbolt. Found a rebuilt Smith’s tach on Ebay that someone had ordered for a Triumph only to find it would not fit. After installation, the tach locked up and twisted off the drive mechanism and tore the new cable on the test ride, in less than four miles!! Turns out that when the tach was rebuilt some eighteen years ago, they neglected to grease the new parts, or the old parts…. I suppose you win some and lose some. After finally getting everything operating correctly and mounted, I rode the bike some 35 miles to deliver it to my friend/customer. It performed flawlessly and was such a beautiful day to be out on Virginia’s byways!!