A Well Rounded Motorcycle



Kawasaki created what I think is the absolute best all around good motorcycle, the perfect UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) able to do all things well. Light and nimble with excellent power characteristics, this bike is simply a joy to ride for a novice or an old salt who’s been around the block a time or two. Fuel injected and water cooled, this bike can also make do with the junk we are forced to power our passion with these days…

2005 ZR750K1

2005 ZR750K1

A65L Beazah

Another long term toy I get to play with!! This 1970 BSA Lightning 650 is the first Beazah to come through the doors at G6 MotoSports! First step is to remove the massive store of bird seed and whatever else some mice family (I hope, assume) has stock piled in the mufflers and beyond? But once we get some heat flowing and know the engine and tranny are up to snuff, we will then proceed with a thorough reconditioning…. Yes, I love my job!!


Twisted Valkyrie

According to Norse mythology, the Valkyries led fallen heroes to the halls of Valhalla to feast with Odin until he should need their service in fighting the giants… Or they would protect favorites and abandon those they disliked, even causing some to be slain. Which makes me wonder why Honda thought this bike would have the ability to conduct it’s pilot to the halls of the gods? It certainly is a joy to ride, light and nimble for a bike of it’s immense girth, not lacking in power or that special something that causes folks to ogle the beast with trepidation, and those header pipes twisting and snaking their portage to the twin mufflers are quite fascinating, to say the least… But, alas, it keeps her rider firmly planted on this terra firma, which is a very good thing.