On the Custom Boulevard

Hours upon hours of agony went into making this Boulevard just what Mr. R had envisioned. From delays waiting for the chrome plating to finding a mix of custom parts to make it all come together, to laying out a blank fiberglass front fender and making all these pieces and parts fit correctly… Diamond cut stainless steel spokes, longhorn handlebars, 21″ front wheel and chrome enough to keep it classy. Cobra pipes and a fi2000 fuel management system make sure he’s heard running down the street!! New fork springs dropped the front one inch, chrome swingarm, brake hub and final drive assembly, along with side and fork neck covers cleaned up the frame. Stainless steel braided control cables, Yana Shiki levers, chromed switch housings and Kuryakyn pegs and grips tidied up the controls. A sweet ride that makes her owner and us very proud!


2008 VL8002008 VL8002008 VL8002008 VL800

His and Her’s Customs

These two bikes belong to a husband and wife who wanted to stand apart from the crowd. Chrome wheels and and swingarms on both bikes, plus a plethora of accessories and custom details between the two of them!! They definitely have uniquely beautiful motorbikes!! And they are so happy with the finished product and their dealing with G6 MotoSports that they continually tell their friends and send new customers our way!! It’s so very satisfying to have our work commended and appreciated!




I have been servicing and repairing bikes since 1984 and  this is the very first Yamaha XJ650LJ Seca Turbo that I have ever worked on!! And I’ve only seen one other in person, if I recollect correctly. Carbs cleaned, a bit of electrical repair, full service, flushed the brake and coolant system and this motorbike is a joy to ride!! Not quite the power house I was hoping for, but it is 35 year old technology and I didn’t run it anywhere near red line in any gear… Still, surprisingly smooth and agile with ample pull for anything public roads would require. And the classic 80’s styling, while certainly not retro, is quite conservative for the period. And the owner of this bike has two more Seca Turbo’s that are coming to the shop for more of the same!! Maybe I can talk him into riding all three at the same time with Nick, myself and he tooling round the countryside on some seriously rare vintage!!

1982 XJ650JL1982 XJ650JL1982 XJ650JL1982 XJ650JL

Yamaha wanted to make sure everyone knew it was turbo-ised!

Yamaha wanted to make sure everyone knew it was turbo-ised!

1982 XJ650JL

This is where the magic power comes from!

This is where the magic power comes from!

I think every other bike in 1982 had one of these...

I think every other bike in 1982 had one of these…