British CB1100

How to make a retro Honda CB1100 even more so? Replace that huge and modern looking muffler with a late model Triumph can!! Took a little bit of ingenuity and my neighbors pipe machine to expand the connector pipe to the correct diameter. Then I cut off the center stand stop bracket and adapted it to the new connector pipe. A little paint to keep it looking clean and we have a sweet set up that truly adds to the vintage flare of this machine! Then I added the correct spacers to allow the peashooter muffler to mount in the original location with proper dampening. Another satisfied customer, not to mention how pleased we were with the final product!!

Stock bike as it came from the dealer.

Still waiting for a short heat shield to cover the connector pipe. Much more stylish and retro than the original!!

Fits like a glove!

Center stand stop welded in place.