Another ’71 Bonnie

I have been working on bikes professionally for nigh thirty-two years, and I can’t recall seeing a ’71 Triumph in all that time and yet I have now had two of them at my shop at the same time!! This is my second 1971 T120R Bonneville restoration, or at least as far as the customer wanted me to take the bike… Sonny Naylor laid down some incredibly beautiful paint work and I cleaned the bike up a bit with new mufflers, fork tubes and a smattering of hardware, badges, trim strips and covers. And I replaced the clutch to make it drop into gear like it’s supposed to!! All that’s left is some polishing and a few reflectors that the customer will do for fun and therapy!

1971 Bonneville1971 Bonneville1971 Bonneville1971 Bonneville1971 Bonneville