1962 6T Thunderbird

Another beautiful Triumph on the road to recovery!! This bike has been through a plethora of changes, from what it looked like on the dealership showroom, (below)

then to a chopper of sorts when it lost the “bathtub” panels, gained extended forks and some other period knick knacks to make it as rebellious as possible when the current owner picked it up cheap in the mid-seventies. But now that nostalgia has become big business, this motorbike is worth much more in it’s stock condition than modified. Makes me wonder if some day soon radical choppers of the sixties and seventies will become trendy and sought after… But today, G6 Moto will get it running again so someone else can buy it to make what they will of her. Like the Phoenix, I hope she rises from the ashes to her former splendour!!

1962 was the last year of the pre-unit construction Triumphs.

55 year old parcel grid still ready to tote what you need!