G6 MotoSports will open late tomorrow due to Ron having to play the role of plumber since our hot water heater is on the fritz…

If it ain’t one thing, it’s ten others, as a wise man once said.

So, enjoy a few pics of recent projects I’ve been working on….

1941 Indian 4
1941 Indian 4 in full patina
1948 Panhead Chopper custom
1978 CB750 complete rebuild. Yes, that’s a magnifying glass for my old eyes…
1974 CB175 top end rebuild ready to install in newly painted frame and a bit of cafe pieces.
1971 Triumph TR6C repairing a very poor attempt to rebuild, .060″ OS pistons with damaged ring lands and seized piston rings along with obvious piston damage… Not to mention the new valve springs with horridly worn valve guides. Eventually will make a nice desert sled of this old iron.
And our youngest son and his wife bringing our newest Grandbaby home a few weeks ago!!
Three classics in a row. 57 Ariel Square Four, 41 Indian and 48 Panhead.

Ultra Classic Sidehack

And here is our new to us Harley Sidecar rig!! I had two customers in FL who would let me borrow their sidecars just about anytime and we use to carry the boys in the car with my wife and I on the bike. It was incredible fun and everyone enjoyed it immensely!! It’s kinda funny though, we put antique plates on it and it just doesn’t seem like it should be that old…. Carpe Diem!!!

1995 FLHTCU-I The first year of fuel injection from the factory.