Fresh Canary Yellow

This 1972 Norton Commando got a fresh coat of paint by Sonny Naylor, which is the actual Canary Yellow according to Don Hutchinson, where the paint was sourced from, simply because it’s right. I had posted back in May ’16 that the bike was completely original, but I was apparently naive and deceived. We also sent the cylinder head out to James Comstock to have the exhaust ports re-threaded. An excellent solution to a common problem with these old bikes. The Unapproachable Norton!!

Yes, it’s missing the newly painted side covers. I think the owner of the bike is displaying them in his den.

Canary Yellow Commando

An all original 1972 Norton Commando, except for the tassles on the levers. Even has the original Canary Yellow paint!! It did need extensive service work including replacing the missing bushings of the iso mounts, tires, fork seals, cam chain, electronic ignition, etc… And with a little polishing, she’s as beautiful as ever!!


1972 Norton Commando 7501972 Norton Commando 7501972 Norton Commando 750

Round hole, Rectangular peg.

Well, sorta. The rear wheel/sprocket dampers were AWOL in this 1974 Norton Commando 850. There were no signs of wear or tear on the interlocking parts as the bike has been in moth balls for quite some time, but is now getting exercised on a weekly basis. After mounting new tires and truing the spoke rims, I installed the new dampers in hopes they stick around for a while and keep this old ride smooth and happy!

Kinda looks like a sad clown face...

Kinda looks like a sad clown face…

The sprocket side.

The sprocket side.

And last but not least, the little and large damper buffers.

And last but not least, the little and large damper buffers.