Eighth Anniversary!!!

Today marks eight years in business as G6!!! Hoping the Lord blesses us with eight more wonderful years before I scale back and turn my passion into more of a hobby. It’s been challenging, exciting and sometimes a bit overwhelming, but it’s been a fantabulous ride!!

We want to say thank you to all who have made this possible!! Your patronage, encouragement and friendship have touched us deeply and keep us smiling while we work!

This was the first bike through the doors the very day we tacked a piece of paper to the front door with our logo!! And my friend Syke continues to bring me motor bikes for service and repair!!!
And this ’53 Norton ES2 was the beginning of my love for British bikes!! I restored this for my brother-in-law Kevin in ’95-97. It’s a joy to ride and fettle!! And even though he sold it about two years ago, one of my customers purchased it so I still get to service it and take it for a jaunt on occasion!!