1966 Honda CB160 Cafe

This CB160 was customized by an amateur builder who did an outstanding job of making it look like a million bucks, but who lacked the skill to make it run and ride like it should.

That’s where G6 came in!! We replaced the pistons with 0.5 mm oversize and cleaned up the valve train, fixed several wiring issues, stopped oil leaks and adjusted the front forks correctly, cleaned and corrected many carburetor problems, then gave it a perfect tune-up to cap things off. Now this sweet ride runs as well as it looks!! And it’s an absolute blast to tool around on!!! Starts with one kick and settles into a perfect idle within a minute or so. Although I never took it over 3,000 RPM/40 MPH for a short break-in ride, it’s performance is remarkable, boasting 16.5 HP from it’s power plant!!

“Some people have all the fun” said Honda’s ads from 1966.


After hearing today’s COVID-19 update we at G6 are trying our best to comply with both state and federal guidelines for operating our business. While we will remain open we will be limiting our contact with the public. There will be ABSOLUTELY no drop offs without an appointment. Again, ABSOLUTELY no drop offs without an appointment. If you choose to leave a bike outside after hours it will be towed away and impounded at your expense.

Please call for an appointment and we will be more than happy to schedule your bike for it’s service or repair needs.

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