Old Trucks and Tendons

We’re slowly getting up to speed in the new facility, but it’s been an uphill climb, so to speak. Just before we found our new location, I managed to rupture my left biceps tendon whilst repairing my old truck. Obviously, this has slowed me down a bit, but things are moving forward as we acclimate to the new place and location. Kinda wish we had moved several years ago, hindsight being twenty-twenty and all that. We can’t say thanks enough to all our friends who assisted in the move and who continue to patronize G6 Moto!! And by the Lord’s grace, we (meaning my arm post surgery) will be back to normal in another month or two.

Measuring the progress.

Not Yet.

We have moved everything to the new facility, but have yet to get the shop set up. Hopefully we will open for business sometime this week. We are celebrating our sixth anniversary by unpacking and organizing our equipment and tools!! A huge thank you to all our friends who have lent a helping hand!!

North to Manassas!

We got the bikes loaded up and the spares packed in the borrowed “church bus”!! Anybody have a portable AC unit we can borrow? It’s supposed to be a sticky 88 degrees tomorrow, but Tropical Storm Karen is giving us a reprieve from her rain and wind until Monday, which is definitely our silver lining. Looking forward to an enjoyable time with my friends at VBMC and all the folks who venture out to see the British livery old and new!!

Two Norton's and a Trumpet!

Two Norton’s and a Trumpet!