1976 CB400F SS

This beauty is finally on the road again with rebuilt carbs and front brake system, front wheel spokes and new tires, sealed and painted fuel tank and a tune up to make her run like a Swiss watch!! A bit of polish and elbow grease prepared her for a spirited ride through the Virginia countryside that was absolutely fabulous and thrilling!! Although it will do highway speeds, it’s much more at home on our twisty by-roads!! I would say this is Honda’s best midsize bike ever!!!

I am quite enamored with the simple elegance of Honda’s four into one exhaust system!!

Fraternal Twins

Like a brother of another mother, these two CB750 K models are separated by two production years, ’77 and ’79, but the similarities are only skin deep. 2 valve vs 4 valve, single cam vs DOHC, dry sump vs wet, kick start vs electric only, etc…. Both bikes are Candy Bayard Brown and still see considerable road use! And the best part is I get to keep them in top shape and ride them occasionally!!