Norton Commando MK III

This is the first electric start Commando I have had in the shop. Upgraded 3 phase charging system, carb clean and adjust along with some service work and the obligatory wiring issues that seem to pop up out of thin air on old British steeds. I “had” to ride it for more than twenty minutes to verify the repair, twenty eight miles later she still purred at idle and would set me back in the seat when I poured the coals on!!! Delightful, to say the least!!

This Methodist Church not far from my shop was built in 1888!!

Fresh Canary Yellow

This 1972 Norton Commando got a fresh coat of paint by Sonny Naylor, which is the actual Canary Yellow according to Don Hutchinson, where the paint was sourced from, simply because it’s right. I had posted back in May ’16 that the bike was completely original, but I was apparently naive and deceived. We also sent the cylinder head out to James Comstock to have the exhaust ports re-threaded. An excellent solution to a common problem with these old bikes. The Unapproachable Norton!!

Yes, it’s missing the newly painted side covers. I think the owner of the bike is displaying them in his den.