Side Car

This is the first side car I’ve worked on since leaving Fort Lauderdale Harley Davidson about twenty-two years ago! I have always enjoyed riding side car rigs, they are a bit more work to handle than a motorcycle but are lots of fun, especially when you “fly” the side hack with a passenger or two that are thrilled, or not…

Better than any fair ride in my opinion! And they certainly attract attention, even non-enthusiasts get a nostalgic kind of joy from seeing it roll down the road, at least that is what I surmise from all the smiles and waves and pointing the bike out to their fellow passengers everywhere I ride it!!

This bike received tons of service, from a top end rebuild to electrical repairs to stopping oil leaks and replacing tires, tubes and wheels to aligning the unit and adding a steering stabiliser. She is good to go and beautiful to behold and ride!!